School Assemblies in El Paso

My visit to Herrera Elementary in El Paso

I had a lovely time presenting to the dual language students at Herrera Elementary on October 15th.  The students were wonderful and I was received with unrivaled Texas hospitality!  

Thank you to the following students for the lovely cards:

Alessandra Moreno - I am glad the books make you laugh.

Ana Paula Munoz - I loved your school and sorry I did not bring live crickets!

Virginia Carrillo - Yes, they could call them "worm beans" however; since the larva is in a seed segment, they would have call it "larva seed."

Laila Gonzalez - When they prepare a skunk, they remove the scent gland so the meat is not smelly.  Probably takes like beef.

Sidhartha Giner - Dicen que la tarantula tiene el sabor de  cangrejo.

Femanda Chavez - Ojala comistes un grillo.

Gael YaHir Contreras - Hope you got your wish to see Mr. Reyes eat a cricket!

Jennifer Hernandez - Disfrute la visita.

Giovanni Alonzo - I am hoping you now know that there is a "larva" inside the seed segment.  Eating insects is not for everyone!

Isabella Rascon - I loved my visit with your school.

Victoria Gonzalez - I hope you were able to sample a cricket.

Vivian Carrillo - Crickets taste like the toasted sunflower seeds.  The trick to to make them crunchy.

Cinthya Ninez - Perhaps I will one day see your name on a book as the author!

Thelma - In some countries they eat grasshoppers, some crickets, some locust.  All have protein. 

Camas, WA students get Jumping Bean Experience!

3rd grade students of Helen Baller Elementary School in Camas, WA learn about Mexican Jumping Beans.

What makes a jumping bean jump?  Where are they found?  How long will they jump for? these were some of the questions posed to me as I presented on my book, Lucas and His Loco Beans.  The students learned about the life cycle of the jumping bean moth, they became familiar with region jumping beans thrive in, and they pick up a few words in Spanish.  Our visit culminated in the sharing of beans they were able to take home to share with their families.

Thank you Helen Baller Elementary for the wonderful visit!