Celebrate Older American Month in May!

I read The Wooden Bowl to a group of 2nd grade students and then had them do an exercise.  They were asked several questions on aging.  These are a couple questions and responses as they wrote them.

  • Why do people get grey hair?  "Because people take showers a lot and their hair starts to fade."  "Because there hair has been there for so long it rots."
  • Why do people get wrinkles?  "Because they get wrinkled skin because they have lived long and the titnes goes away." "Because they move so much when their little but now their old."
  • How can you help an old person:  "By taking them to plases."  "I can help an older person by picking up something that they can't pick up, running to grab the phone, and just plain behaving." "Respect them and be nice to them."

I now know that I should wash my hair less to avoid grey hair (too late), that I should move through life slowly to avoid wrinkles, and that I can count on some young person to pick something up for me when I can no longer bend over.  AH, the Golden Years!