School Assemblies in El Paso

My visit to Herrera Elementary in El Paso

I had a lovely time presenting to the dual language students at Herrera Elementary on October 15th.  The students were wonderful and I was received with unrivaled Texas hospitality!  

Thank you to the following students for the lovely cards:

Alessandra Moreno - I am glad the books make you laugh.

Ana Paula Munoz - I loved your school and sorry I did not bring live crickets!

Virginia Carrillo - Yes, they could call them "worm beans" however; since the larva is in a seed segment, they would have call it "larva seed."

Laila Gonzalez - When they prepare a skunk, they remove the scent gland so the meat is not smelly.  Probably takes like beef.

Sidhartha Giner - Dicen que la tarantula tiene el sabor de  cangrejo.

Femanda Chavez - Ojala comistes un grillo.

Gael YaHir Contreras - Hope you got your wish to see Mr. Reyes eat a cricket!

Jennifer Hernandez - Disfrute la visita.

Giovanni Alonzo - I am hoping you now know that there is a "larva" inside the seed segment.  Eating insects is not for everyone!

Isabella Rascon - I loved my visit with your school.

Victoria Gonzalez - I hope you were able to sample a cricket.

Vivian Carrillo - Crickets taste like the toasted sunflower seeds.  The trick to to make them crunchy.

Cinthya Ninez - Perhaps I will one day see your name on a book as the author!

Thelma - In some countries they eat grasshoppers, some crickets, some locust.  All have protein.