Award Winning Author Donates 3000 copies of The Wooden Bowl, El bol de madera to Promote Literacy

Publisher and author, Ramona Moreno Winner, donated 3000 copies of her award winning, bilingual (English/Spanish) book, The Wooden Bowl, El bol de madera to Education Begins in the Home.  The books were donated to Edward Becerra, the organizing force behind this wonderful movement of promoting literacy, on October 3, 2016.

Education Begins in the Home is a program whose mission is to help the literacy level of elementary school students, as studies have shown that reading at this level is key to a student’s success in school overall.   Falling under the umbrella of Latino Literacy Now, a non-profit corporation 501©(3) whose cause is promoting reading as a means of improving lives, both professionally and personally, Education Begins in the Home will make these books available to students in the county of San Diego, and children attending Latino Book and Family Festivals throughout the United States. 



The Wooden Bowl, El bol de madera is a wonderful story on respect; a story that has been retold over the years throughout different cultures.  Diego, the main character in the book, is thrilled to have his grandfather come to live with his family.  He now has a partner in crime! When having to care for Abuelo becomes stressful for the parents, they begin to treat him poorly.  Diego makes his parents realize that how they treat Abuelo now, is how they can expect to be treated when they grow old and are in need of care. 

“I have been involved with the Latino Book and Family Festival since 1996 and a member of The International Society of Latino Authors for two years.  Since 2003, my children’s books have been awarded various International Latino Book Awards through Latino Literacy Now.  I am a strong supporter of cultural learning and the promotion of literacy programs.” Says Mrs. Winner.  “It is with pleasure that I donate copies of The Wooden Bowl, El bol de madera for distribution to students who could otherwise not afford them.  I challenge other publisher to do the same.”

Author, Ramona Moreno Winner, is the president of Brainstorm 3000, a publishing company located in Goleta, CA.  You can view Ramona’s other titles at