Another Freaky Food!

The Mexican Truffle?  

Cuitlacoche - pronounced as QUEET-la-coh-chay is a stone-shaped fungus that turns into a gunky, tar-like mush when cooked.  

It grows when a drop of rain seeps into a husk of corn.  The moisture rots between the kernels and produces a fungus.  Makes for yummy tacos or a flavorful omelet.  For full article See:


Photo by Monica Ortiz Uribe for NPR

Photo by Monica Ortiz Uribe for NPR

If you like this article and are fascinated with foods from different cultures, you need to read my book titled Freaky Foods From Around the World - Platillos sorprendentes de todo el mundo

Unusual Foods for this Holiday?

What is common in one culture may be strange in another.  If you celebrate your holiday with an unusual food, let me know!  In my book Freaky Foods From Around the World - Platillos sorprendentes de todo el mundo, children learn to keep an open mind and expand their tastes!


Abuela says:

When food is strange and quite unknown and not familiar like our own, don't squirm around making funny faces, because food comes from different places.  That's why it's different!

Si la comida es nueva y algo extraña. Y que no es igual a la acostumbrada. No se agiten ni pogan esa cara. Porque la comida de otras partes les parece rara. ¡Por eso es diferente!

Book Character Celebrates Holidays!

LLB Ornament.jpg

Happy Holidays from Brainstorm 3000!

Ever wonder how authors create book characters?  This character's name is Lucas from Lucas and His Loco Beans and Freaky Foods From Around the World - Platillos sorprendentes de todo el mundo.  

I began writing about this character when my son Lucas was 10 years old.  Lucas is now 24 and towers over me!  The characters remain ageless, yet we continue to age!  But like us, they too get to celebrate holidays. 

We wish you peace and happiness.


I Don't Matter - Little Book with a BIG Message

I Don't Matter a Book Teaching Gratitude


I love when I come across a children's book with an empowering message.  I Don't Matter is about a young boy who feels less-than.  Although those around treat him with respect and love, he sees his cup half empty. That is, until his friend makes him rethink his situation.  He finds that he is important to many people in his life and is empowered by this knowledge.

If you see a child (of all ages) struggling, this is the perfect gift for him/her.  The text is bilingual (English/Spanish), and although simple to read, its message is powerful!

Another WELL DONE to Georgette Baker for a lovely book.

Award Winning Author Donates 3000 copies of The Wooden Bowl, El bol de madera to Promote Literacy

Publisher and author, Ramona Moreno Winner, donated 3000 copies of her award winning, bilingual (English/Spanish) book, The Wooden Bowl, El bol de madera to Education Begins in the Home.  The books were donated to Edward Becerra, the organizing force behind this wonderful movement of promoting literacy, on October 3, 2016.

Education Begins in the Home is a program whose mission is to help the literacy level of elementary school students, as studies have shown that reading at this level is key to a student’s success in school overall.   Falling under the umbrella of Latino Literacy Now, a non-profit corporation 501©(3) whose cause is promoting reading as a means of improving lives, both professionally and personally, Education Begins in the Home will make these books available to students in the county of San Diego, and children attending Latino Book and Family Festivals throughout the United States. 



The Wooden Bowl, El bol de madera is a wonderful story on respect; a story that has been retold over the years throughout different cultures.  Diego, the main character in the book, is thrilled to have his grandfather come to live with his family.  He now has a partner in crime! When having to care for Abuelo becomes stressful for the parents, they begin to treat him poorly.  Diego makes his parents realize that how they treat Abuelo now, is how they can expect to be treated when they grow old and are in need of care. 

“I have been involved with the Latino Book and Family Festival since 1996 and a member of The International Society of Latino Authors for two years.  Since 2003, my children’s books have been awarded various International Latino Book Awards through Latino Literacy Now.  I am a strong supporter of cultural learning and the promotion of literacy programs.” Says Mrs. Winner.  “It is with pleasure that I donate copies of The Wooden Bowl, El bol de madera for distribution to students who could otherwise not afford them.  I challenge other publisher to do the same.”

Author, Ramona Moreno Winner, is the president of Brainstorm 3000, a publishing company located in Goleta, CA.  You can view Ramona’s other titles at



CABE 2016

California Association for Bilingual Educators Conference in San Francisco, CA 2016

Three days of signing books, meeting people, presenting workshops, sitting on author panels, and reconnecting with friends.

I presented a workshop on How to Incorporate Cultural Learning into Daily Curriculum.  I had a room packed with teachers K-12.  We had a great time!