School Assemblies K-12

Dynamic Speaker and Presenter, Ramona Moreno Winner, shares her message on the importance of learning about different cultures.  Her English/Spanish assemblies are as follows:

Freaky Foods from Around the World Assembly -  Grades 2 - 5.

  • Students learn that what is common food in one culture may seem strange in another
  • They are encouraged to respect different cultures.
  • They are presented with natural history information on the animals we use as food around the world
  • The assembly ends wit the introduction of baked crickets!  Crickets are common snacks in many countries.

Mexican Jumping Bean Assembly - Grades PreK - 5

  • Students discover the magic of jumping beans.
  • They learn about the life cycle of the jumping bean moth - egg, larva, moth.
  • Through digital projection they are taken to Alamos, Sonora, Mexico where the jumping bean bushes grow.
  • The assembly ends with students holding jumping beans.

The Wooden Bowl Assembly - Grades Pre.K - 3   also Great for Family Presentations

  • Illustrations of The Wooden Bowl are projected.
  • Students are asked to guess what is occurring in the story.
  • The story is read aloud in English/Spanish.
  • Feelings and behavior of the family members in the story are discussed with students. Great lesson on respect.

The Mighty Mesquite assembly - grades K - 6

  • The life cycle from seed to tree.
  • Food web.
  • Traditional uses of mesquite tree, seedpods, flowers, sap, and wood.
  • Desert animals and weather conditions.

Global Cultural Trivia Assembly - Grades 6 - 12

  • Introduction of author with a short digital presentation on travels around the world.
  • The history or dental hygiene throughout the world and the United States. Pass out Miswak sticks.
  • The origins of some of our common words as well as items we use in celebrations.
  • Fast foods we enjoy in the United States and their origins. Sampling of Crickets.
  • If time permits, the introduction of folklore - Mexican Jumping Beans.
  • If time permits, body art throughout history and how it is used in our society today.  Sharing henna pens.


$300 Per Assembly.

200 Students Maximum. 

40 - 50  Minutes Per Assembly. Younger students have shorter assemblies.

Discounts - Purchase 100 copies of books (mixed or single titles) and the rate per assembly is half.  Each book retails at $15.95 but will be discounted to $12.00 for 100+ copies.  



Principal eating cricket!

Mexican Jumping Beans

Second Graders show what being old means to them.

Highschool students sample Miswak sticks.