Brainstorm 3000

Brainstorm 3000 has been publishing books since 1996.  Our mission is to publish children's bilingual books with multicultural themes and to promote tolerance and acceptance.  


Our Author

Ramona Moreno Winner resides in California with her husband of 35 years.  A world traveler, Ramona has traveled to Japan, Korea, China, Africa, India, South America, Malaysia, Vietnam, Mexico, Canada, Seychelles, Portugal, and Cuba.  Her books and her presentations reflect her experiences in her travels.  

Born and raised in Arizona, Ramona is a third generation Mexican who can readily remember not being accepted for her cultural background.  Not ever feeling she belonged, Ramona found herself straddling two cultures. Today, her mission is to write books that make her readers realize that we are more similar than different.  

Although Ramona is not fluent in Spanish, she does converse and present in both English and Spanish.  Ramona loves to hike, read books, loves trivia and appreciates History.  Mostly, Ramona loves to laugh!

Certified by National Alliance on Mental Health, Ramona is equipped to teach the Family to Family 12 week course for family members, caregivers, and friends of individuals living with mental illness.  She is a volunteer at the local Mental Wellness Center, and supports her own son as he navigates life with a diagnosis of Schizophrenia.